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Terms of Use

InfinityBeam is the property of InfintyBeam IoT Labs Pvt Ltd.

By using this service you agree to be bound by all the conditions noted herein and in the Privacy Policy. Unnotified changes in the terms/policies applicable to you may happen at any time, and you are presumed to agree to it if you continue to use the website. 

Infinity Beam offers the following:

1. Devices & Device Shop: You can purchase devices made by Infinity Beam. 

 - You are solely responsible for your choice of device - specifications and capabilities are for you to verify.

 - Purchase date/time - buying before or during a festival or various other scenarios may result in a delay in delivery or non-availability of the device. 

 - We will manually test each device before we ship. However if for some reason you need to ship the device back, you will need to pay the postage / shipping / any other related fees. 

 - You are responsible for customs or other import duties or any other regional fees / taxes applicable to your purchase. Our responsibility ends once the package is handed to the courier. 

 - We will by default use FedEx, UPS, Blue Dart, DHL - or other such services, which means there's a shipping cost applicable to your purchase. This is NOT included in the cost of the device. 

 - In case of any changes / problems we will contact you via email - the main email you've used while registering on Infinity Beam (i.e. your Google or FB or Twitter account email id - we only allow these 3 options through Firebase at this time)

 - We are not responsible for any loss, damage or otherwise from using our devices or any other products/services offered by InfinityBeam or our staff. 

2. Cloud platform: Free for use platform, with API free up to a certain volume of usage. MORE than enough for the average user. Production use is acceptable on the free platform, but no guarantees are applicable. 

 - Primary function of this platform is as a Prototyping Preview Platform. This is an experiment, and for production use we expect you to reach out to us and acquire production licenses / devices / etc, as the case may be. 

 - Services provided online are not guaranteed to be error free, however everything is extensively tested both in lab conditions and in the field; currently a reasonable uptime of 99.92% is seen. 

 - Your access to the platform is unrestricted and unmonitored - except for Google Analytics and your usage of the Forum (which is manually reviewed). Your device data will not be touched / altered. 

 - You can at any time download the entire bundle of your data. In line with GDPR regulations you can request a deletion of the same as well. 

 - Prototyping mode retains your device data for approximately 7 days; however generally a purge is not done unless really needed. If the sensor history and data is of significant value, It is recommended that you download your data (CSV format available) on a regular 3-4 day basis. 

 - We are not responsible for any loss, damage or otherwise from using our platform or any other products/services offered by InfinityBeam or our staff. 

3. Production deployment, Customization & Production level services: 

 - High grade production-ready services are all billable. 

 - Production level systems are custom built to your specification and come with 99.99996% uptime guarantees.

 - Production level hardware is custom designed and manufactured using higher grade PCBs - appropriately wider tracks, thicker baseboard, higher quality finishing, protective coatings, gold plating for exposed areas (such as antenna), and several other higher grade outcomes are furnished. 

 - Production level Firmware for these boards are custom built to specification and deployed with extensive QA & Testing (minimum in-field QA time is 1000 hours per firmware declared as production ready - corresponding board fabrication/design & server time are billable)

 - NOT for emergency situation use - while our devices will perform beautifully even for healthcare and such situations, you understand the Firmware we offer at this time is not designed for emergency operations. No guarantees can be provided for such scenarios. 

 - We are not responsible for any loss, damage or otherwise from using our devices/platform or any other products/services offered by InfinityBeam or our staff, even in production mode. 

Other points:

- Services provided are on a strictly as-is basis. 

- Absence of a feature may or may not be remedied depending upon various factors - while we do our best to update & add most features, it's not a guarantee. 

- Untested features may be added into the site before the creation of official documentation. This happens rarely, but if you see a new feature without documentation, or one that says "test" or "under development" - PLEASE AVOID USING IT until it's officially released and announced. You've been warned. 

Thank you for choosing to participate in this experiment. We hope you achieve phenomenal success by working with us, and we will do our absolute best in contributing to your success. 

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