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Privacy Policy

• We shall not, for any reason, utilize or provide the contact details or other personal information about any member except as required by law enforcement, or within reasonable limitations in the Forum.
• Comments and Posts in the Forum are NOT anonymous. Your name and photo will be displayed next to each entry you make. Reading other peoples' posts does not reveal any information about you - so you can safely read while maintaining your privacy - but if you write you are visibly responsible for it. 
• You agree that unless you sign up an account, data from your device is visible to anyone using the device ID - and there's no logical way to prevent this access unless you have an authenticated account. 
• Any information collected will be stored in our servers or destroyed once its use is complete at our sole discretion.
• We shall not, for any reason, share any information with anyone except as required by law enforcement or as per our terms and policies. This information shall not be sold by us, traded for any form of profit.
• You may be sent automated emails once a month at the end of the payment cycle if relevant to you. Payment cycles begin on the 1st of every month, and complete on the last day of the month.
• No other emails shall be sent out to members except transactional information.