Chaitanya Dhareshwar

IoT - Surprisingly primitive

I find it funny to the point of ROFL when I hear someone saying 'Oh! You're into IOT! We've been doing that since 2006!'. Funny because of two key reasons:

  1. It wasn't called IoT back then, it was called M2M (Machine to Machine) or Device to Device or "Microcontroller based project"
  2. It's the evolutionary equivalent of working on a T-Rex, and saying "I've been doing birds!"

Yes from the looks of it, things have evolved dramatically and the old IoT folks have been sadly unable to keep up. 

Now I didn't get into IoT on a whim. If you remember my research article published on Cornell University's Arxive - - I'd done extensive real research to figure out where the gaps in the industry are. This is real, hard unbiased research that helped me identify which sectors I need to work on. 

I found back then that business people isolate themselves too much from tech to be able to stay relevant. In fact I literally wrote a book about it - (Grab a copy here

The other thing I found is that IoT is a sorely lacking area. SOREly as in waste-millions-of-dollars-doing-the-same-old type of SORE. As in do-things-manually-the-2005-way-even-though-tech-has-evolved-drastically type of SORE. 

Many tech-enabled people are surprisingly & blissfully unaware of the gap itself and are losing out on a significant opportunity to build a sector... So here's me trying to address this gap.

What we do:

  1. We have a proprietary device (patent pending) that I will bring to a level in the coming future, and then release as open-source. Timeline to be decided. 
  2. We have built communication security protocol enhancements around the MQTT & AMQP stack, also patent pending, and will eventually release this through the Internet Engineering TaskForce (IETF). 
  3. Our cloud platform is a high efficiency multi-function broker that offers high performance API and Webhook based data triggers
  4. Blockchain based indexing for all internal data providing a high level transaction security & resilience
  5. Drag-Drop based interface for rapid prototyping and quick release of projects for production. No need to muck around with programming in ANY language!

We're working on

  1. Adding AI-based processing for our dataflows
  2. Creating industrial prototypes for various industry verticals
  3. Getting funded :) 

And there's a lot more coming up! Hope to share these with you soon.